photo by: @manningavenue

let me help

This is one of the most exciting times in a couple's life, and your wedding day is one that you probably have dreamt about for quite some time! 

It is my job to take away any stress that surrounds this day so you can focus less on the event at hand and focus only on getting married and celebrating with everyone you love.


So I’ll get down to how this works and what you have to do:

  • Send me an email with the date and location of your wedding

  • Grab a coffee with me and discuss your day from start to finish. If you have no idea what that looks like, I will help you with that too! (we can get into all the details when we meet)

  • Once you have booked your venue and vendors, give everyone my number and let me do the rest!

  • Keep my number on speed dial and if you have any questions or concerns, just call or text

  • Show up on your big day, get married, listen to speeches, drink champagne and dance - I’ll be there every step of the way but you probably won’t even see me


Sounds simple, right? Because it is.

about me

Just like some of you, I have been fantasizing about my wedding day for my entire life. I grew up watching “Say Yes to the Dress” on the regular with my mum and scoured the internet for the perfect engagement ring. I have planned many weddings in my head from a very young age and turned those event planning daydreams into reality when I started a career in events for some of Toronto's largest hospital foundations.


For the past eight years, I have worked in the non profit sector raising money for the most amazing causes; this role has brought together my passion for planning events, building meaningful relationships with others and an opportunity to make an impact on someone’s life.

I have planned, managed, liaised, and executed countless events that have a few things in common; I always learn something new and I meet the most amazing people along the way. I can't wait to meet you!