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po·sy /ˈpōzē/ noun

a small bunch of flowers. 

Similar: bouquet, bunch, bunch of flowers, corsage, boutonniere

Inspired by my beautiful brides and grooms, ‘posy - pressed by paige’ has been born. I’ve spent the last year learning the techniques of pressing and gluing pressed flowers with a lot of practice to perfect my skills. The process is time consuming and requires focus and patience. It is a labour of 'love' - how fitting that your posy represents just that. Let me take your arrangement and turn it into a piece of art that can be admired for years to come.

Flowers in Pocket
how I get it

For optimal pressing conditions, it is essential that I receive your posy within two days of  your wedding or event date. The sooner I receive it, the better the results of your pressed florals. 

If I am planning your wedding or event, I can take your arrangement that evening and get started on the pressing as soon as possible. If that is not the case, pick up and delivery is the best option as mailing your flowers may damage the blooms and greenery.

Delivery: Hamilton
Pick Up: GTA - this can be arranged if discussed in advance. A small fee will apply for pick up

Flower Arrangement

how I prep it

Once I receive your bouquet or piece that you’d like pressed, I remove each flower from the arrangement to decide the best way for it to be pressed. I like to allow nature to take its course and follow the way the flower naturally wants to fall. Some flowers require trimming and minimal manipulation especially when working with dense flowers (that contain a lot of water) like a rose. Trimming will optimize the pressing process and avoid them becoming brown or moldy. As flowers are natural mediums, I cannot guarantee the outcome of each flower.

Image by Jacek Dylag

how I care for them

I treat your posy like my baby. They are part of the family and included in some daily care. A great analogy I heard is that you wouldn’t leave your baby in a wet diaper - so the paper I use to press your flowers must be changed regularly for optimal pressing conditions and for those babies to thrive. The pressing process must also be done slowly and over time to not put too much pressure on the flower all at once.

Your posy will be pressed for anywhere from 5-8 weeks depending on the flowers that were included.

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how I design it

Your flowers are now dry, paper thin and ready to be made into some beautiful artwork for you to enjoy for years to come. Each flower is examined to determine the best way for them to be placed in your piece of art. My design is not meant to be an exact replica of your bouquet or posy. Sometimes what looks best is a ‘birds eye view’ of your arrangement or a collage if you prefer a more modern look.

how it happens

Image by Annie Spratt

how I frame it

It is up to you if you would like me to frame your piece with my preferred framing company in Hamilton, ON or if you’d like the artwork back as is. Prices vary based on size and type of frame you choose - please contact me for those details. All pieces are framed with 99% UV protected glass.

Image by Cary Bates

how you get it

Pick up or delivery is the best option to get your artwork, however shipping is possible. We can chat to determine the best way to get the artwork to you.

Pricing starts at $385